Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Singer 500a, and the toys that go with it :)

Ok, so I bought the buttonholer attachement. I hate making button holes, and cringe at the thought of having to use a button hole foot, so I figured this was the thing to try.... I LOVE IT!!!

I may actually start making clothes with buttons on now lol

There are lots of buttonholers available for the singer slant needle machines. I bought the pretty one lol. Ok. so the buttonholer is much the same as others that are out there, except it comes in a pink plastic clam shaped box, often refered to as a jetson because of its futuristic shape.

It comes with 5 different templates for different buttonhole sizes, including a keyhole buttonhole, and additional templates are available. I will upload some pictures of finished buttonholes in the very near future :)

The 'Jetson' buttonholer (part number 489500) comes in 2 colors. Pink, for slant shaft machines and Green for standard straight shaft machines.

Its going to take a couple of runs to get perfection, but I have plenty time and lots of scrap fabric. One thing I can say for certain is, if I'd had one of these years ago I would have been adding button fasteners to EVERYTHING.... lol

The other totally AWSOME toy I've bought to go with the 500a is a ruffler attachment. At first glance the ruffler is a daunting contraption, infact its scary as hell lol, looking like some minature medieval torture device, but, like most of the attachments with a little bit of practice this thing is amazing..... no more hand gathing for me!!

Not only does this amazing gadget gather, but it makes perfect pleats too and in various sizes..... what a bonus!!! I am going to be such a busy girl lol..... I can picture lots of little dresses with pleats and ruffles and buttonholes. Not to mention binding (Yes I have invested in a binding foot... review to come soon) and lots of decorative stitching.... The 500a has 24 cams for decorative stitiching. I'm now just missing 3 from a full set. The elusive #17, #22 which comes with an overcast foot, and #23 which is a basting stitch..... I'll keep looking. I've seen them, but they've been listed at $20 each or something equally stupid. I dont mind waiting until they turn up at a reasonable price :)

Next thing I want is a hemming foot... not a rolled hem foot, but one that will fold a nice hem.. again in varying depth.

I will upload lots of pics soon to show all the amazing things that can be acheived with this fantastic machine. I know the modern ones are touch button or a quick turn of a dial, but they dont hold a light to this wonderful vintage old lady...... And they wear out a lot quicker too!!!!

More accessory reveiws coming soon (as soon as I've played with them lol)

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