Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cams.. quick update

Just a quick update. I now have all but one of the cams. #22. It looks like I might have to pay a bit more for that than I would like, but I'll keep looking. I will probably never use it anyway lol.

I also managed to get an origional straight stich plate with the AK3 on it. I've also got a monogrammer. I havent had time to play with that yet.

There are still a few more 'toys' I'd like to add to my collection, and I'm sure in time I'll get them :)

When I get enough free time to play properly I'll get some smaples done and post them.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Its the little things that make a difference

I've been busy making up some new little outfits ready for listing on Jaki's attic. As usual I'm not running to schedule, so its going to be midweek by the time I'm done, but hopefully they'll be worth the effort :)

As you know I've been using my new love for all my standard sewing lately. The wonderful Singer 500a 'Rocketeer' And I have to tell you, the more I use this machine the more I fall in love with it. The only problem I have now is my latest addiction.... buying attachemnts for the 500a... and there are some fantastic attachments out there.

One of these attachemnts is small and very simple and for the life of me I dont know why they dont make them any more...... it is of course the humble seam guide

This little gadget screws into places to the right of your needle plate and you adjust it to the seam depth you want. The edge of your fabric simply run against the guide and you get neater straighter more even seams. I have found it invaluable for hemming. Before I would measure and pin and measure again, now I simpley make sure the distance between the needle and the seam guide is the right size for the hem I want, fold my fabric to fit the gap, lower my presser foot and I'm off.