Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where it all began.... part 2 Update on the Children situation....

Its been a long 2 years since I married Bob, and time has just flown by..... a contadiction I know, but life is one big contradiction :)

Today is July 22 2009

The childrens dad was up before the judge today.... He got probation. I dont know how he managed that, he's already on parole, but hey, what do I know about american law!

He hasnt called yet. The only reason we know whats happened is because we checked the court records online... its the only way we find anything out.

So, now we're back in limbo again. Unable to make any arrangements for the kids (or plans for ourselves) because we have less than no idea how much longer they're going to be here. Their father could call tomorrow and say he's on his way to collect them and that would be that. On the other hand (and much more likely) we wont hear from him for a couple more months and then he'll make more excuses as to why he hasnt been in touch, make the kids more promises about what he's going to buy them when they go back there and then he'll forget about them for a little while longer. After all, he doesnt have the responsibility of little kids to look after so he can do what he wants when he wants. We're the ones that cant do anything or go anywhere without having to think about the kids first..... and they're not even ours!!

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